7 PRO ELEMENTS is a SPANISH designer and manufacturer
of electric process heating and control systems. Our
experience in the design of electric heaters for use in
hazardous area locations will customize the best solution.
Our complete range of custom-engineered process and
immersion heaters, together with our standard product
portfolio which incorporates immersion heaters, room
heaters and thermostats have ATEX certification amoung

Our systems

Electric Heater & Control Solutions

We are a Spanish company based in Barcelona, with more than 20 year of experience offering best solutions to our customers for electrical heating equipments, as flanges, cable heatings, air batteries, heating blankets… for save areas and hazardous area. Our team will assist you from the design to the the delivery of our solutions. We will be glad to share with you our experience providing best solutions worldwide.

Our services

Example of Applications

· Flameproof immersion (IMAGEN IM-EH 23)
· Flameproof in-line flow heater (PO-EH 13)
· Flameproof gas heater (PO-EH 22)
· Flameproof air heater (DU-EH 22)
· Heat tracing  (H-R 12)

Features & Benefits

· IP67 Exd ATEX certified terminal cover
· Sheathed elements in a variety of materials
· Titanium, Brass, carbon or stainless steel flanges
· Available up to 1.5mW
· Control & high limit thermostats
· Wide range of thermostats available
· Variety of voltage options

IP67 Exd ATEX certified
terminal cover

For any hazardzone area, …we have customized solutions and equipments with commissioning and after-sales service with a 2 year warranty


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